Log in for W&L faculty, staff, and students

  • Log in at myapps.wlu.edu with your W&L credentials and click on the YuJa tile or
  • Log in at yuja.wlu.edu with your W&L credentials

YuJa Video Training

Help with YuJa

How do I download my video from Zoom and upload to YuJa (to make it visible to my students in Canvas)?

  • To download a Zoom recording saved to the cloud, go to Recordings (https://wlu.zoom.us/recording). Click on the “More” button (to the right of the meeting name) to download.
  • Log in to YuJa:
    • go to myapps.wlu.edu, enter your W&L credentials, and click on the YuJa tile OR
    • go to yuja.wlu.edu and enter your W&L credentials
  • Click on My Media under PERSONAL on the left side of the page.
  • Drag and drop all files (.mp4 is the Zoom video file and .txt file is the chat, if chat was enabled for the meeting) to the desired folder. You can also upload any other media, like PDFs or PPTs.
  • After the .mp4 file has processed, hover over the video if you want to link the txt file (or any other PDFs, PPTs, etc. that have been uploaded in the previous step) and click on More. In the General tab, click on Add document and select the file you want to connect. You can only select one document at a time.
  • If you want the video to appear in a Canvas course channel (assuming it’s already been created; if not, read Instructions for Activating YuJa in Canvas), hover over the video and click Publish. Choose the desired channel under “All Channels” and click the “Select” button.
  • Kindly return to https://wlu.zoom.us/recording to delete your recordings.

Contact Us

  • Email the ITS Information Desk at help@wlu.edu or call 540.458.4357 (HELP).