• Log in at myapps.wlu.edu with your W&L credentials and click on the Zoom tile or
  • Log in at wlu.zoom.us with your W&L credentials


Zoom-Canvas Integration (NEW!)

  • This integration allows instructors to schedule and manage Zoom meetings with students from within Canvas. It’ll work best for a Canvas course with only one section of students (i.e. you haven’t cross-listed sections).
  • After you schedule a Zoom meeting within a Canvas course, students will receive an Inbox notification within Canvas and an email notification to their W&L email (assuming they haven’t changed the default notifications). They will also see scheduled Zoom meeting in the course calendar.
  • Students can then click the Zoom link in the course navigation and click on the meeting name to join a meeting.
    • Students only use the Zoom tool in Canvas to join meetings created by Teachers in the course. Students can use Zoom — by logging in to myapps.wlu.edu with their W&L credentials and clicking the Zoom tile OR logging in to zoom.wlu.us with their W&L credential — to create and host their own meetings.
  • More information at: https://academic.wlu.edu/2020/07/30/zoom-canvas-integration-is-now-active/

What if there are multiple people in one space who have joined the same Zoom meeting?

  • Never use multiple audio sources in close proximity to each other!

    Audio echo or feedback is usually caused by two people who are near each other who separately join the same Zoom meeting with audio. Echo can also occur if one person joins a meeting twice — for example, on a laptop AND an iPad — and audio is enabled on both devices.If there are multiple people in the same room, only allow ONE device to connect to audio. The remaining participants in the room should close the audio prompt without joining. Note that this is not the same as joining audio and then muting the device — do not join audio at all!

Contact Us

  • If you need to host a webinar or a meeting with more than 100 participants, contact help@wlu.edu or call 540.458.4357 (HELP).
  • Email the ITS Information Desk at help@wlu.edu or call 540.458.4357 (HELP).